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I’d rather say, "Well, I won't do that again," than to inquisitively squint my eyes and whisper to myself, "I wonder what that would be like."

A travel blogger extraordinaire. Guilty as charged. Some loath being on the road, I thrive on it. Travel, writing and photography are my enslavement. I've turned this trio into a travel blog that inspires its readers to simply get out there.

What Exactly Do I Do? I am a time-traveler, a raconteur, lensman, and cinematographer. Well, the time-traveler may be a stretch but I like the term, so it’s staying. Telling stories is my thing. Telling stories along with pictures and video is my even bigger thing. Telling stories on social media platforms about how awesomely amazing brands and their products are by using my stories, photographs and video is my even bigger BIGGER thing. I photograph: food, both static and squirming on the plate, people, places, things, whatchamacallits and thingamajigs. My imagination knows no boundaries.

United States
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